10 Things Only the Portuguese Say When Upset.

Raios os partam. [May thunder break them].
Literally, I want to kill you.

Faço-te num oito. [I will turn you into an eight].
Literally, I will kill you.

Vai pentear macacos. [Go comb monkeys].
Go away, you are useless. In the middle-ages, some people would comb donkeys and horses, a job no one really wanted to do.

Baixa a bolinha. [Lower the little ball].
Give me less sass and attitude.

Poe-te a pau. [Put yourself to a stick].
Be careful, things are about to happen and you should be ready/change your behavior.

Estas passada dos carretos  [Are you past yourself from the bird wings].
Are you out of your mind?

Estas a arranjar um trinta-e-um. [You are finding a thirty one].
You are getting yourself into trouble.

Estou-me nas tintas. [I am in the inks].
I really couldn’t care less.

Estou feito ao bife! [I am done to the beef!].
I am in so much trouble right now I don’t know what to do.

Estas com os azeites. [You are with the olive oils].
You are upset.


Featured Image by Pedro Ribeira Simoes on flickr.com.

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