10 types of people you’ll meet in Sofia

Saturday evening in June. The heart of Sofia. Around 8 o’clock. Warm air that feels like a caress. City centre bustling with people. All kind of people. The evening is somewhat different. During daytime you barely notice these people. They are striding hurriedly without perceiving the surrounding world, aiming to reach their destination. It is all about getting on time from point A to point B. That is why the evening is different. The pace is now distinctly slower and faces become finally discernible.

I am surprised to find a great mixture of cultures and languages. I have to say that Sofia has changed a great deal during the past few years. Believe it or not, coming here you’ll find a vibrant, modern, pulsating city. At every heartbeat you’ll get acquainted with somebody different. And as the world becomes smaller and smaller, I am sure you’ll find many of the faces familiar. Let’s check out 10 types of people you’ll meet around here to see if they would meet your expectations.

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1. The performers


2. ‘The wild ones’


3. The metropolitan


4. The students at prom


5. The internationals


6. The coquett


7. The skaters


8. The friends for life


9. The ones who remind us of the old days


10. The ones who always have a smile on their faces


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