The 2nd Republican Presidential Debate: hunting ground or breeding ground?

As we get closer to U.S. election day 2016 (Tuesday,November 8), American airwaves will be more and more riddled with political ads, commentary, and presidential debates. Most of these will come from the two main political parties in the country: the Republican Party (or Grand Old Party) and the Democratic Party.

The second Republican Presidential Candidate debate takes place tomorrow, September 16th, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. The Debate will often be referred to as the GOP (Grand Old Party) Debate. The top 11 Republican party candidates (based on the most current approval ratings gathered in national polling) will take to the stage and battle it out to gain more supporters in the American public. They will exchange differing opinions on everything from immigration to taxation, throw out cheap insults and condemnation of past statements, and a lot of talking over each other.

The debate will be split into two parts: one First Round of debate with less prominent candidates getting at least 1% in the polls (starting at 6PM EST) and the Second Round Primetime debate with the top 11 candidates (starting at 8PM EST). Both will be broadcast on CNN and moderated by Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Hugh Hewitt.

The debate will start with opening statements of equal length from each of the candidates. The moderators will then present the candidates with questions they came up with or they took from recent national polls or questionnaires and give the candidates equal time to answer. In some cases, candidates may be able to rebut statements made by others. The debate will end with closing statements from each candidate, and the analysts and reporters will take over the airwaves from there, dissecting each statement and gesture. In a few days, reporters will release the “winners” and “losers” of the debate and we will all move on to the next one! Or the next ridiculous statement from Donald Trump…

The candidates who will be at the debate

Second Round Primetime Candidates (8PM EST):

All approval ratings based on most recent Washington Post-ABC news poll

  • Donald Trump, born in New York City, chairman and president of The Trump Organization. Currently at 33% approval rating.

Donald Trump

  • Ben Carson, born in Detroit, MI, retired neurosurgeon. Currently at 20% approval.

Ben Carson

  • Jeb Bush, born in Midland, TX, former Governor of Florida. Currently at 8% approval.

Jeb Bush

  • Ted Cruz, born Calgary, Canada, US Senator from Texas since 2012. Currently at 7% approval.

Ted Cruz

  • Marco Rubio, born Miami, FL, US Senator from Florida since 2011. Currently at 7% approval.

Marco Rubio

  • Rand Paul, born Pittsburgh, PA, US Senator from Kentucky since 2011. Currently at 5% approval.

Rand Paul

  • Mike Huckabee, born Hope, AR, former Governor of Arkansas. Currently at 3% approval.

Mike Huckabee

  • John Kasich, born McKees Rocks, PA, current Governor of Ohio and former US Representative from Ohio. Currently at 3% approval.

John Kasich

  • Carly Fiorina, born Austin, TX, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and now non-profit philanthropic organization Good 360. Currently at 2% approval.

Carly Fiorina

  • Scott Walker, born Colorado Springs, CO, current Governor of Wisconsin. Currently at 2% approval.

Scott Walker

  • Chris Christie, born Newark, NJ, current Governor of New Jersey. Currently at 1% approval.

Chris Christie

First Round Debate Candidates (6PM EST):

Gov. Rick Santorum (PA), Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA), Former Gov. George Pataki (NY), and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) will take the stage first.

Gov. Rick Perry (TX) announced on September 11 that he would drop out of the 2016 Presidential race.

What you should expect to hear about

A wide range of topics can and will be brought up throughout the debate, with each candidate being given time to address issues or rebut statements made by others on the stage. Some topics analysts are expecting to cause fire among the candidates include (taken from CNN’s Julian Zelizer and Heather Long‘s recent analysis):

  • Free Trade
  • Lower taxes, but on whom?
  • Minimum wage
  • The middle class
  • Immigration
  • CEOs (particularly Fiorina and Trump)and the issues of Wall Street
  • The Iran Deal, the Syrian refugee crisis, and other foreign policy questions

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Want to see the debate for yourself?

CNN will be live streaming the GOP debate tomorrow evening online and across CNN’s mobile platforms without authentication. Users won’t have to log-in to see the stream, it will be available as soon as they visit or access one of their apps.

Don’t worry, there will also be a Democratic debate

The first Democratic Party presidential debate will take place on October 13, 2015 and will also be broadcast on CNN. Likely to hit the stage are Secretary Hillary Clinton (NY), Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), Gov Martin O’Malley (MD), Senator Jim Webb (VA), and Gov Lincoln Chafee (RI).

Comment on what you thought of the debate when it’s over!

Some of the most entertaining times during a presidential election cycle come right after debates such as this one. Comment on this post with any concerns/reactions/questions you had and keep exploring online to see where the Election 2016 ends up, on both sides!

What do you think?

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