5 Moroccan musicians you MUST hear!

The Moroccan musical scene has been flourishing with influences from the Arab World, inscribing itself in the tradition of arab Tarab but never failed to keep in touch with its own melodies and rhythms.

Many have decided to mix up their cultures and influences with western musical codes, producing absolutely beautiful songs, mixing languages and genres to create of their own.

Here’s our 5 favourite!

Get Jazzy with Oum, Queen of the Desert & Soul of Morocco!

Can you recognize the Gnawa influence? 

Sway through the Berber Tango of Hindi Zahra‘s sweet voice and beautiful lyrics…

Isn’t she dazzling?

And now, give yourself some pure moroccan rock treat with Khansa Batma!

Ahmed Soultan‘s sultry ballads and advocacy for tolerance have taken him all the way to the MTV EMAs! He sings in arabic, english, french and berber! Check him out!

And our new cristalline singer, our very own James Vincent McMorrow, Simo Saidi singing a moroccan re-take of Wicked Games by Chris Isaak!


Be sure to keep an eye of all of them, all the moroccan music-lovers sure have high hopes for all of them!


What do you think?

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