5 things true Kyivans have done at least once

1) Crossed the Dnipro river over ice

When you live in Kyiv for a long time there would be a reason to cross Dnipro by feet. Kyivan might need to get from the riverbank to an island – to go skiing, have a walk or make beautiful pictures. Or he got carried away ice-skating and reached the other side of the river. Or what is the most common he has heard from a friend an excited story about crossing the river and felt the wish to meet the challenge of an ice desert. Most of the Kyivans have walked the Dnipro river over ice once in a lifetime. Only fishers keep doing it every frosty day.


2) Explored a mysterious bald mountain “Lysa gora”

The book “Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov or Ukrainian movie “Viy” inspires a Kyivan to look for the other world. He goes to “Lysa gora” – a bald mountain known as an astral place where the spirits get materialized. Witches and pagans are frequent guests here performing their rituals at the ancient pagan temple and catacombs. Tolkienists, occultists and other youth subcultures also like this place being attracted by its mysterious past. “Lysa gora” is a natural park with runes, ancient stones, pagan monuments and even people in the white cloth. All Kievans experienced the mystery of a bald mountain but none has disclosed all its secrets.


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3) Ate ice-cream Lakomka on Kreschatik

Kyiv cake is a popular dessert and souvenir among tourists. But definitely not the favorite among locals. A lot of Kyivans say, “I don’t like this cake, it has too much cream!” But none of them could say “I don’t like ice-cream Lakomka”. Lakomka is a soft ice-cream typical for Kyiv. It is served in the kiosks all over the city and especially in the center. Each Kyivan has walked Kreschatik street enjoying the ice-cream taste. It used to have just 2 tastes: lemon and chocolate (classic pair), nowadays there are 2 more options: vanilla, currant plus various additions.


4) Climbed the Pedestrian bridge or made a picture of a climb

Since 1957 when the Pedestrian bridge was built it attracted Kyiv’s adventurers. The construction has some kind of stairs that make the bridge climb quite easy. Even the protectors set by the government couldn’t stop the bridge visitors. The view from the bridge peak is marvelous especially at the sunset. On one side – the hills and the city center, on the other – an island with the widest city beach. Each Kyivan has climbed the bridge or made a picture of a friend who did.
Rope-jumping from the Pedestrian bridge and zip-line are modern (and legal) alternatives for the adventure lovers.

5) Admired the blooming lilacs in Gryshko Botanic Garden

Chestnut tree is a symbol of the city while blooming lilacs are the symbol of the spring in Kyiv. Visiting Botanic garden with the blooming lilacs is an annual tradition for Kyivans. The blooming starts at the end of April and lasts for about 2 weeks. During this time Botanic garden could be crowded especially on the week-ends. But it’s big enough to find a peaceful place for eating home-made sandwiches and snacks. While walking in the garden people look for the lilac with 3 or 5 petals – such flower brings good luck. Botanic garden and the ancient Vydubychi Monastery located near transmit the original spirit of the city. That’s make them the most common landmark on the Kyiv’s postcards.


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