7 Indonesian myths you wouldn’t believe


“When you sit exactly in front of the door, you’ll hardly find your soulmate”

What i really believe is that when you sit in front of the door, not only it will block someone else entering or exiting a room, but also you will feel uncomfortable yourself for that reason. This myth is often said and parents are often use this when they see their children sit exactly in front of the door

Sit in front of the door (source:http://www.123rf.com/)

Sit in front of the door (source:http://www.123rf.com/)


“Don’t whistle at night or Ghost will come to you”

I haven’t heard a story where someone did really whistle and a ghost did really come. So I’m not sure it’s true, but one thing I know is that if you whistle at night, your neighbor is certainly will be disturbed. I guess this is where the myth coming from.

Whistling in the middle of the night (source:http://kiosederhana.blogspot.com)

Whistling in the middle of the night (source:http://kiosederhana.blogspot.com)


“ Eat up your rice or the rice will cry”

I heard this from my mum when I was little and spare my rice. This is surely to scare and make me eat up all my food.

Crying rice (source: http://fistybrokenmind.deviantart.com/)

Crying rice (source: http://fistybrokenmind.deviantart.com/)


“If you sit on a pillow, you will get an ulcer on your butt”

Pillow is for us to put our head on when we sleep, so I guess it’s somewhat inappropriate to sit on a pillow when someone else also put his/her head on it. This myth is probably to prevent us (or scare us) to do such thing. I was once tried to sit on a pillow (out of a curiosity), but nothing happened on my butt. But I surely felt quite horrible on the thought that someone will sleep on a pillow the same place I put my butt on.

Sit on a pillow (source:www.laman22.com)

Sit on a pillow (source:www.laman22.com)


“Don’t use/open an umbrella inside the house or your life will be difficult”

I heard this coming from my mother and my grandmother and still cannot find the correlation. But, I must admit that this myth got into me. I always ensure to close my umbrella when entering my house and of course open it once I’m outside although I did not do it just because I’m afraid my life will be difficult.

But if we step back and think about it for a while, the saying may be correct since if your house is quite small and you open an umbrella inside it, it will take up some space and make other people difficult to move around, right?!

Using umbrella inside the house (source:www.laman22.com)

Using umbrella inside the house (source:www.laman22.com)


“if a house lizard fell onto your head, you’ll be unlucky”

I must thank since I’ve never had a house lizard fell to my head (and pray it will never ever happen to me ever). But I have a friend that once have a house lizard fell on him. What did he do next? Well, it’s quite interesting. In order to break the spell and avoiding out of luck, he chased that poor little lizard and slam it on the floor. It is said that slam the house lizard that just fell onto your head will break the “out-of-luck” impact on you. Although if we think it this way: having a house lizard fell onto your head itself is unlucky, the myth may be true for that reason.

house lizard (source: http://larasjurnalistik.blogspot.com)

house lizard (source: http://larasjurnalistik.blogspot.com)


“ Clean up very clean otherwise you will get a bearded man as your husband”

I remember I heard this saying when I was in elementary school when one of my friend was appointed to help our teacher erasing the blackboard. She left some markers trace non-erased when my other friend screamed and say “ha! You didn’t clean it up very well, surely you’ll get a bearded man one day”. And then my friend quickly erased the rest of the board very, very, very clean. This myth is for a girl, and for every cleaning aspect, not just erasing blackboard.

I understand that the prototype of a perfect handsome husband is somewhat the one that’s tidy and neatly shaved. I have not been able nor interested in conducting survey about what type of man do Indonesian women mostly like. But it’s safe to say that with the myth goes, the clean-saved one is more preferable. Although, I found that some bearded man are really hot and handsome. Also, I didn’t find any correlation with not cleaning up very well with getting a bearded (my read: handsome) husband. However, this myth are passed along and some may actually believe it. As for myself, I cleaning up pretty clean, but I want a bearded man as a husband anyway 😉

David Gandy as beard man - i mean.... why not ?? (source: www.zimbio.com)

David Gandy as bearded man ? i mean…. why not ?? (source: www.zimbio.com)

There are so many myths that have been passed on without further explanation or rationalization. Some of them may be rational for logical reason, but some of them are not. It depends on us whether to believe it or not.

What do you think?

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