7 Reasons to visit Nepal after the Earthquake

You all know that Nepal was hit hard by two earthquakes, affecting millions people. You can read my previous article about it here. It’s been a month now and people are trying to get back to normal life.

Offices, educational institutions, shops, Government offices, roads, markets and the Stock Exchange are all open and giving their services. However some are still busy in remote areas to distribute relief and trying to make their life normal. Visit Nepal in your holidays and help Nepal to rise again!

1. Life is getting back to normal

All the people who have come through the troubles never just sit and cry. In the city, everything looks normal.

Image: Self

Busy market of Mahaboudha Cloth shops

2. Tourism is good as before

“We are broken, not finished” is the slogan of every touristic place in Nepal which shows Nepali people are waiting to serve you again.

Syambhunath temple

3. Special Offer and Discount

Yes, at this time you pay less and get more. Major hotels, travel agencies, tour and trekking offices have offers to those who want to travel Nepal.

Pokhara waiting for tourists, discounts available

Pokhara waiting for tourists, discounts available

4. To enjoy Autumn, which is best for tourist

The best season to visit Nepal is Autumn. Everybody loves it.



5. Help to rebuild our nation

Tourism holds around 4% of total employment in Nepal, so your visit will help to rebuild our economy.

Thamel - one of the famous places for tourists.

Thamel – one of the famous places for tourists.

6. Volunteering and help

Those tourists who were in Nepal when the Earthquake hit, some of them went back to their home and some of them showed great bravery: they volunteered to remove debris of historical places and look for buried people. You can still do many volunteer works if you wish.

Tourist helping to remove debris

Tourist helping to remove debris

7. Nepali people will feel good to see you

One secret about Nepali people is they feel good to see you around. Also before the Earthquake they want to know about you and where you are from if you go around them. You don’t have to do anything just smile and say “Namaste”, which means “Hello” in Nepali.

Namaste !

Namaste !

Last but not least, natural disasters cannot be avoided. Once it destroys any nation, the whole economy and system get weak. But as a human race we can overcome these types of disaster. Your presence can make a difference at this time if you plan to travel to Nepal.

If you want a taste of all the amazing things you might find here, follow Cult Nepal and I’ll tell you!

  1. Congrats for the positive vibes, sending some more your way 🙂 reading this I get more and more curious to visit your gorgeous country.

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