8 adventure sport you can try in Pokhara

From a laid-back, sun-bathing, boat-riding kind of a destination, to now a go-to destination for thrill seeking, extreme-sports enthusiasts, Pokhara is getting multi-dimensional and more flamboyant by the day. And we are not complaining. If you have plans to head down to the beautiful “lake city,” do not miss out on getting your dose of adrenaline rush. Here, is our list of must-try.

People travel all over the world for adventure sports; luckily for us, Pokhara—the adventure-sports haven—is only a bus-ride away.

1. Skydive

An initiation of Everest Skydive, skydiving in Pokhara is one of the newest additions in its expanding adventure sports scene. The dropzone of the skydive falls at the Pame Danda region, where skydivers leap from a height of 11,000-13,000 ft off of helicopters.

Enjoying Skydive in Pokhara

Enjoying Skydive in Pokhara

2. Water Ball

There are only a few things that humans can’t do; one of those is walking on water. But thanks to Water Ball, you can now pull off that feat, and with a lot of fun. Enclosed inside a plastic ball, you’ll be let out into the waters for 15 minutes, and you can try to see just how long you can walk or stand straight.

Enjoying Waterball in Pokhara

Enjoying Waterball in Pokhara

3. Bungee

With a 70 meter vertical drop and a three-second free fall, Pokhara Bungee, by High Ground Adventures, is perfect for first-time bungee jumpers; an upgrade to a “scarier” bungee jump awaits them at the Last Resort. Pokhara’s bungee is also Nepal’s first and only tower bungee, and is located just 20 minutes away from Lakeside.Bunjee Jump


4. SUP

Short for ‘Stand Up Paddle’ boarding, SUP has caused quite a wave in the water sports scene in Pokhara. You stand up on a board, almost surfing like, and paddle your way through the beautiful Fewa Lake. It’s nothing scary really (unless you don’t know how to swim), but the subtle thrill of the sport, and add to it the amazing photo updates you will later share on your social networking platforms—well, you get the point.

Enjoying SUP in  Pokhara Lake

Enjoying SUP in Pokhara Lake

5. Parahawking

Imagine you’re gliding in the air, and birds of prey fly along with you, snacking on a meal that you feed them with. Sounds like a scene from the movies? Well, here is a chance to star in that movie scene. Parahawking is a more thrilling paragliding experience, where in a tandem flight, you will be given a feeding glove with a piece of meat and once you’re off the ground, trained birds, such as a hawk or an eagle flies towards you to feed off your hand.

Enjoying Parahawking

6. Ultra Light Flights

Nepal is the only country where a person can purchase a ticket to take a touristic flight in an ultra-light plane; no other country does that. And the best part? You can choose your own open-hood or closed ultra-light aircraft for the tour, to soar to heights of 12,000

Flights on ultralights in Pokhara

Flights on ultralights in Pokhara

7. Paragliding

You can either choose an instructor to teach you how to take off and land, or you can have a tandem flight with a trained pilot—sit back, enjoy.

Enjoying Group Paragliding in Pokhara

Enjoying Group Paragliding in Pokhara

8. Zipflyer

With a vertical drop of 600 meter, this is the longest and steepest zip line in the world, where you’re suspended for approx. two minutes in the air.

Ladies on ZipFlyer in Pokhara

Ladies on ZipFlyer in Pokhara

Are you interested to have daredevil adventure in Pokhara , Nepal ? If you have any suggestion or you want any information regarding above places and adventure , let me know. I will give you all the details so that you can have fun while you visit in Nepal. Cheers! 🙂

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