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It does not matter whether you are eight or eighty years old, you most likely enjoy something sweet sometimes. Some people prefer chocolate, some people’s sweet tooth is more on the fruity side. Now that Christmas is right around the corner and you might still miss a personal present, I want to introduce a place to you where you do not only find satisfaction when you crave something sweet, but you can also follow the process on how sugary candy is made. And if you are not in Berlin at the moment, you can remember the place as one of Berlin’s hidden gems for later, because it is a candy-paradise.


The shop I am talking about is called “Bonbonmacherei” and you can only translate it roughly because it is a German neologism. Maybe you would call it something like a “candy factory” but this does not do it fully justice, because Bonbonmacherei is a smaller and more familial place than a factory. You find it directly in the city center of Berlin but the place is hidden on a backyard which makes it even more magical, because you then leave the trouble of one of Berlin’s busiest streets aside.

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Once you enter, you will be greeted friendly and you will be explained that you can choose bags of already selected candy or that you can grub through the different bonbons yourself to compile your own bag of your favourite candy. They offer traditional flavours like strawberry or lemon, but you can also find special flavours like “fire-raspberry” which is going to be quite hot in your mouth. I have never met anyone who said that they did not find something of their taste, because there is a lot to choose from. If you want to have a recommendation, though, my two favourites are certainly their famous leaf-shaped “Berliner Waldmeisterblatt”, which tastes of woodruff and “Bosnische Pflaume”, which is blue and tastes like plum.


If you get lucky and visit the shop at the right time, you will be able to follow the process on how the candy is made, because there is no wall between the shop and the production area, so they produce their candy themselves right next to the counter where they sell it. You can watch, follow and even taste the steps on how candy is made.



If you want to see another side from Berlin, one that is more colourful, creative and slow-paced, I would recommend that you give it a try and visit Bonbonmacherei – not only during Christmas-time. Because a sweet treat is always a good idea.

Visit Bonbonmacherei here:

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