A Country & Western Music Love Affair

Saint Lucians are the biggest fans of American country (and western) music I think after Americans. It’s a love affair that has baffled so many people who visit the island, as well as Saint Lucians like myself.

To be more precise, Saint Lucians are in love with 1950s-70s country music which we refer to as “Country and Western”. Modern country has not had an impact like the classics have. Crooners like Jim Jones, Kenny Rogers, and Jim Reeves are likely to be heard EVERY Sunday blasting from radios in neighbourhoods across the island. It has been speculated that the origin of this love affair began with the establishment of the American naval bases in the south of the island; Vieux Fort, in the 1940s.


However, the ability of country music to retain its hold over the hearts of Saint Lucians over decades is even more of a conundrum. This continuing popularity of the genre is reflected in the number of radio stations which have a dedicated “Country and Western” segment, as well as the numerous “Country and Western” dances held all over the island.


So if you are a country music fan who wants to teleport back in time to the good old days of country music, come visit Saint Lucia.

What do you think?

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