A map of second languages around the world

The main language of most countries can be quite easily guessed. Much harder is it to guess the second most spoken language in a lot of countries.

Movehub has created a fascinating infographic that depicts just that: the second most spoken language for every country in the world. The map shows the second most common first language in (nearly) every country in the world. These are people who speak it as a first language in their country (e.g. Spanish in the USA)

While in some countries, the second most spoken language seems obvious, it is surprising in other parts of the world …

The maps and pictures below give an insightful, informative and often surprising overview of the linguistic situation around the world mostly caused by an ever more internationalising world.

You probably knew that in the United States, Spanish is the second most spoken language after English. But did you know that Turkish is the second most spoken language in Germany and Austria. Or that Mandarin was – after English – the most practiced language in Australia? And what about Polish in England or even Italian in Libya?

And did you ever hear about the Hausa, Lingala, Wayuu, Quechua, Bambara, Pulaar, Miskito or Nahuatl languages?! Probably not, even though they are the second languages in some very big countries.

Have a look at this infographic that will put the world in a completely different linguistic perspective!


Second language rtw (infographic)

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