Albanian 101: tongue clicking!

“Do you have an extra pen?”


“So…do you?”

If you didn’t understand what just happened, don’t worry. You’re one of the many who will get confused by an Albanian clicking their tongue for no apparent reason. And if you’ve found yourself in this situation before, frustrated at why this Albanian is not replying to you, let me clear this out once and for all:

Tongue clicking in Albanian is just another way of saying No! Simple, see? It is just an equivalent of shaking your head! It is similar to the “tsk tsk” sound that one would make when they’re disappointed at a situation, except that it’s only done once. Here’s the closest that YouTube came to it:

It is a gesture that comes so naturally to Albanians, that we tend to forget that a foreigner wouldn’t understand. So much so that I’m caught by surprise every single someone asks me why I’m clicking my tongue.

But now you know. It’s simple, easy and timeless. Get clicking!

What do you think?

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