Album review: “Sangre” from Hablan por la Espalda

“The Doors at 140 km per hour and without breaks. Nothing can stop them.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

I light a candle, pour myself a cup of red wine and press play. As soon as “Himno del incendio” hits the first chord I slowly begin to fall into a sublime state, a hypnotizing trance of psychedelia and Uruguayan candombe-rock. I suddenly find myself slipping down into a spiral that takes me to a mystical and primitive state. My body loosens up and acquires a life of its own. I close my eyes and feel like I’m marching with a tribal procession, decorated with intense electric guitars and spanish lyrics.

Sangre - Hablan por la Espalda

Sangre, from Hablan por la Espalda, is an album that deserves close attention. It’s authentic and sincere; intense and primitive. Citizens from the world, beware: here you have a powerful gem from this tiny and remote nation, and it will break your skull.

Hablan por la Espalda is one of the referential bands of the new Uruguayan rock. They were born in the middle of the hardcore scene of the late nineties. From then on they have evolved into one of the most audacious and fresh bands from Uruguay. Hablan por la Espalda has been around for 20 years. I saw them  for the first time 16 years ago (I was eleven or twelve at the time) and have witnessed their evolution ever since. I have been a passive observer of their voyage of self discovery.And it has been indisputably ascendant. Few bands reach that capacity to permanently reinvent themselves, to mutate always into a new phase that includes the previous one but completely transcends it. Hablan por la Espalda has heroically accomplished this, with sweat, balls, and blood.


This album is a marvelous collage of cosmic textures. It’s profoundly Uruguayan (with a strong presence of afro-uruguayan influences), yet it’s heavy and psychedelics takes you back in amazing time-travel straight into the seventies. It’s Uruguayan yet universal; retro yet contemporary.

This is definitely one of the most amazing albums the Uruguayan music scene has ever seen emerge. With no doubt, “Sangre” from Hablan por la Espalda, has all the ingredients to hit the shelves of legendary albums.

Once the album is over, I remain in a state of suspension. All the notes and rhythms are still vibrating in my cells, travelling through my veins.

Definitely worth the listen.

Hablan por la Espalda in their own words:

“Since 1995 pulling out internal demons and transforming them into music. From hardcore to candome, passing through rock and psychedelia. Some called it post hardcore, others expansive punk, we like to call it Hablan por la Espalda, music for the sane and not that sane.”

Listen to the album online here:

And check out their latest video clip:


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