No, it’s just Morocco! – by Ali Berrada

Many have attempted to capture the beauty of Moroccan landscapes, and show how unique they are. Many have succeeded, but only a few decided to capture them in the way Ali Berrada did.

Ali Berrada is a Moroccan photographer, touring the world, catching beauty with his lenses, filling art galleries in Istanbul, Casablanca or Lille with his work and currently working as a freelance journalist for CNN.

Full of artistic sensitivity, he said in an interview given to Artisthick that “my camera is an extension of my imagination“.

In one of his series entitled “No, it’s just Morocco”, Ali Berrada attempts to show how diverse and unexpected Moroccan landscapes can be, comparing them to famous worldly known landscapes. Take a look!


And don’t forget to check the rest of his work on his portfolio or his Facebook page, he’s travelling the world and has been producing absolutely gorgeous shots!


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