Ali Zawa, Prince of the Casablanca Streets

In 2001, Morocco witnessed one of its harsh realities in a movie that has still now a great impact on its people and on the perception of poverty and the way it impacts on children in Morocco.

Film Movement

Film Movement – Ali Zawa, Prince of the Streets

Ali Zawa, Prince of the Streets tells the story of young boys who face the realities of life, struggle and death so early on that their perception of loss and grief becomes a poetic ode to childhood.  It is a heartbreaking cry for help in a story people know to be too true to bear.


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Directed by the now controversial yet excellent Nabil Ayouch, and with actors enshrined in Morocco’s popular memory such as Saïd Taghamoui, Ali Zawa is an open door to understanding the struggle of the harshest life conditions in Morocco.

Graphic, raw, touching in all ways, Ali Zawa is the testimony of a generation’s children left in the streets to their own devices; helpless, hopeless and forever restless.


The movie was praised in many festivals, namely the Sundance Festival, and won the Stockholm Film Festival. A must watch.

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