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Antarctica is a place for peace and science that has a habit of stealing peoples’ hearts and imaginations, and I am a case in point. I research representations of Antarctica in cultural production, and work as a polar guide and lecturer during ...

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Although it is technically a continent as opposed to a country, Antarctica is represented on Cult because it reveals a unique and fascinating side of human civilisation and our existence on planet Earth.

Antarctica has no permanent population and no government. The Antarctic Treaty, signed by 50 nations, reserves Antarctica for scientific research and bans military activity. The continent is normally inhabited by around 5,000 scientists and suport staff, who live there temporarily. There is no capital city, but the largest settlement is based at McMurdo Station - about 1,000 people.

Normal ideas of time don't apply on Antarctica: it is where all of the world's timezones converge, so people there can choose whichever timezone is most convenient. In winter it is constantly dark, and in summer it is constantly light. In many ways it's a frontier of our shared civilisation on Earth, but like much of the world, it's often easy to forget it's there.