Humorina & Comediada: April Fools’ day festivals in Odessa

“April Fools’ day is not a national holiday in any country”, wikipedia says. But in the seaside city Odessa it is a holiday!

2 festivals are being held in Odessa on the 1st of April: Humorina and Comediada

Humorina is an annual festival of humor and satire that was organised almost 50 years ago. Comediada is an international festival of clowns and mimes that is part of Humorina. Visitors from all over Ukraine and from the neighbour countries come to Odessa to join the festivals. The event is so huge that in 2009 1st April was announced as a city holiday.

Being in Odessa on the 1st of April you need to remember one rule – don’t trust anyone, even Duc! (Duc is the monument, symbol of Odessa.) “Your back is white!” is the joke that have whiskers. But it still works.


Photo Credit: http://odesskiy.com/yumorina/jumorina-2012.html

The Festivals’ Hot Spots:

1. Parade of Humor

The Parade starts at 11:30 on Sobornaya square and goes through Derebassovskaya central street to Ekaterininskaya square. Each year it has new theme and motto: “Everything was invented in Odessa”, “Euro 2012”,  “People laugh one language”.

2. Monument to the hero of an anecdote

Each April Fools’ day new humoristic monument is presented  in the Garden of Sculptures at 10 o’clock.

3. Living Statues

The newest festival of the Living Statues is being held on the Teatralna square.

4. Potemkin stairs

From year to year the bravehearts use bicycles, ski, motorcycle and cars to drive down the famous stairs. This tradition was established by the soviet aviator Sergeu Utochkin who drived down the stair on his Zaporozhets (subcompact car).



Photo Credit: http://fontan-humor-odessa.com/index.php/galleries/yumorina-photohistory

5. Kulikovo Field

Famous bands and artists play on the stage of Kulikovo Field. Night disco and fireworks end up the day.



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