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This is my first article, and what better way to start than to write about beauty?

“Atlas of Beauty” is a project developed by Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer whose goal is to provide a map of the cultures of the world through woman’s portraits. Until now, she travelled to more than 60 countries to capture the beauty of women though portraits, and the list is growing.

Mihaela’s beliefs made her to quit her boring job two years ago and begin this journey. She took her backpack, the photo camera and she started travelling around the world with the money she gathered while working. Her purpose is to have an album with at least one woman portrait from each country of the world.


atlas of beauty#1

I share her opinion – beauty means diversity – and we both travel around the world to discover it, as it cannot be defined by the values of a single country, race or ethnicity.

Her photos concentrate on natural beauty, on the women’s eyes and natural, authentic beauty and environment. She just surprises people in their plain, natural beauty.

atlas of beauty#2

atlas of beauty#2

She captures mostly portraits, and focuses on the women’s eyes, which are commonly referred to as the gateway to one’s soul. Mihaela likes to surprise with her portraits, and most of her photos don’t take too much time to set up. She just walks up to women on the street, asks them if they want to be part of the project, and starts snapping pictures.

In Shiraz, Iran, with the spectacular Nasir al-Mulk mosque as a background, she took what would later become some of her favorite photos. The gorgeous Melina – a local, dressed in traditional Persian clothing and bathed in the glorious morning sun – showed that natural grace is at the heart of every magical setting.

atlas of beauty - Iran

atlas of beauty – Iran

On her official Facebook page you can see all the portraits, along with descriptions of the environment in which they were taken.

Her pictures will be part of an exhibition at the Stirbey Palace, Bucharest, until the 16th of May, so if you’ll travel to this part of the world, make sure you check them out.



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