Mauritius correspondent

Name: Danielle
Location: Port Louis

Sea, sun and beach: Forever Green Island- Mauritius. This is where I come from and this is where I gathered my personality: bubbly, sunny, refreshing and of course passionate. Passions: languages, writing, teaching children & adults, philosophy and psychology. Combining my fascination for these subjects, I created myself as I am today: a passionate bilingual language tutor. Even though I am a fluent bilingual, I have a crush on English Language; its manners, sassy personality and intrepid international presence. I love playing with its words, expressions, structure and poetry. I have my series of poems (still waiting to be published) and a children's literature on the way; inspired by life itself and my thrilling human adventure. That's why I joined Cult: to write about my island and its numerous mysteries and cultures.

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Cult wisdom
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin- French Philosopher

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About Mauritius
About this place

Continent: Africa
Capital: Port Louis
Population: 1,294,100
Area: 2,040 km2
Currency: Rupee
Languages: English

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1:13 am

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