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Name: Jeffrey
Location: Montreal

Proud Montrealer. Proud Quebecois. Proud Canadian. You know what that means, eh? I'm a history dork and short story writer. Sometimes I emulate Jack Kerouac too much -- there is nothing I adore more than aimless roadtrips! I'm a walking Canadian stereotype: Lover of winter and ice hockey; 'Poutine' is my drunk food of choice; Unique curse words that would leave a Frenchman puzzled; annoying levels of politeness; an affinity for nature and maple syrup. I love Canadian artists: K-os, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, and Classified. Also --- Sorry about, you know, Bieber and Nickelback.... Before you ask --- NO, I am not a die-hard curling fan. But, I know many people who are super passionate about it.

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Cult wisdom
The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience

- Albert Einstein

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About this place

Continent: North America
Capital: Ottawa
Population: 33,679,000
Area: 9,984,670 km2
Currency: Dollar
Languages: French, English

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6:30 am

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