Uruguay correspondent

Name: Joaquín
Location: Montevideo
Link: https://www.facebook.com/joaquingonzalezmusico

Compulsive traveler, manufacturer of melodies, mystery hunter, passionate adventurer, lonely wanderer, novice altitude jumper, sincere composer, student of the transcendental, saloon entertainer, unlimited dreamer, occasional vandal, rummager of the unknown. Born and raised in Montevideo, capital of the small and remote, yet immensely beautiful nation of Uruguay. Multifacetic creature: musician and songwriter, university professor, drone pilot, antarctic treaty rapporteur and video creator. Has travelled through many remote corners of the planet. Passionate about books, scuba diving and wine.

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Cult wisdom
Without music, life would be a mistake... I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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About Uruguay
About this place

Continent: South America
Capital: Montevideo
Population: 3,477,000
Area: 176,220 km2
Currency: Peso
Languages: Spanish

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12:12 pm

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