Netherlands correspondent

Name: Marc
Location: Weert

Wondering wanderer of the world! Avid cyclist, ski/snowboard guru & passionate ping-pong player. Lover of both good & cheap wines, random facts, rocking chairs and singing in the shower. I love to drink myself silly in the company of other people doing the same while engaging in a cascading flow of ideas and enlightenments. I perfected that art while living in France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore and China. Fascinated by hackerspace-like collaborative creations. Linguaphile who speaks Chinese, Russian, French, German, Dutch & English. I love crazy travel missions as I showcase on Cult is my Calling!

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Cult wisdom
Live your life. Take Chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because Right Now is the Oldest you've ever been and the Youngest you'll Ever be again!

- Intergalactic common knowledge

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About Netherlands
About this place

Continent: Europe
Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 16,645,000
Area: 41,526 km2
Currency: Euro
Languages: Dutch

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5:24 am

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