China correspondent

Name: Jia Jia
Location: Shanghai

Recently described by Bill Murray as a "ridiculous person", I was born in a little town near Guilin in the south of China where people eat cats and rats. I hunted snakes for fun when I was a kid. Now I'm living in the centre of the biggest city in the world, Shanghai, working as a singer, screenwriter and film director. I travel, I adventure, I read, I see and I think, never stop.

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Cult wisdom
The road is long, I will search heaven and earth

- Qu Yuan (Chinese poet, 342-278 BC)

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About China
About this place

Continent: Asia
Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,330,044,000
Area: 9,596,960 km2
Currency: Yuan Renminbi
Languages: Chinese

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9:50 am

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