Kazakhstan correspondent

Name: Rustem
Location: Astana

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, I always wanted to contribute to something big, something important. I'm happy to join Cult Team and introduce everyone my country. Since my childhood, I dreamt of becoming a polyglot. And for now, I speak Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish and French. In the nearest time, I'm planning to study other languages. My country is known for its hospitality, fascinating nature and rich history. Our ancestors participated in forming various civilizations in the Eurasian continent. Thus, here in Kazakhstan we can find different artefacts from ancient times. I'll be happy to share my knowledge about Kazakhstan with anyone who is really interested. In return, I expect the same from you :)

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Cult wisdom
The worst out of people is a man without aspirations

- Abai Kunanbayev, Kazakh poet

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About Kazakhstan
About this place

Continent: Asia
Capital: Astana
Population: 15,340,000
Area: 2,717,300 km2
Currency: Tenge
Languages: Kazakh, Russian

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9:55 pm

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