Ukraine correspondent

Name: Tetyana
Location: Kiev

The citizen of the Earth originally born in Kyiv I get inspiration from the sea, flights, fine cuisine and round-the-world trips. I enjoy travelling as it gives me a chance to expand my horizonts and to see that people in all the continents could understand each other without even a word. I enjoy the beauty of the nature and the uniqueness of each culture. I like to discover and to create. I believe in miracles and the power of the unity. I dream and I fulfill dreams. One day I am going to fly on the space ship! :)

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Cult wisdom
Through visible experience invisible.

- Grigory Skovoroda

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About Ukraine
About this place

Continent: Europe
Capital: Kiev
Population: 45,415,600
Area: 603,700 km2
Currency: Hryvnia
Languages: Ukrainian

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1:30 pm

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