Barbapappa Collective: A band with a sense of humour!

This year has been the great breakthrough year for quite a peculiar band: those who call themselves the Barbapappa Collective have been on air in every Moroccan radio and have even performed in great festivals, events and on prime-time commercials! How, you might ask, this funky group of friends came to be the most famous band in Morocco? Well, they’re funny. They truly are. And some of them have got some pretty groovy dancemoves too!

Barbappa essentially produces parodies of known songs (or less known songs) putting the strangest and funniest lyrics and catchy videos. The most famous one, one that has reached 25 million views on Youtube has become a great hit, even internationally!

It’s a parody of “P-Square – Shekini”, a ragga-dancehall song, and they turned it into a realm of Moroccan street culture, playing on words and other famous songs, lyrics like “my little brother needs a smoke” and the famous title of the song “Hek Lili Nifi” – meaning literally “could you please scratch my nose?” – a complete set of hilarious nonesense coupled with a funny and colourful video!

It’s also promoting “Africanness” and embracing african culture as part of Morocco fully – through the lyrics “Casa, Abidjan, c’est la même famille” (Casablanca, Abidjan, same family!)

Check out their biggest hit:

But the band certainly didn’t stop here, they’re back with a new hit that embodies exactly what morocco is about: fun, a great sense of autoderision, and a fabulous way pinpoint stereotypes and preconcieved ideas of what Morocco is – much more than Fezes, and camels and tea, and hammams! It also showcases some of Morocco’s most beautiful places: the medinas, the mosques, the streets of Marrakech!

The lyrics are as usual a great mix of nonesense, catchphrases and reference to Moroccan street culture and inside jokes, and we have to say: the song itself is pretty groovy!

Way to go Barbapappa!


Join the fun, check out Barapappa’s channel!


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