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Bro Town is a New Zealand adult animated comedy television series.  The show is the opposite of politically correct, taking the piss out of and stereotyping most of New Zealand’s cultural make up.  The main characters, four Pacific Islanders and a Maori are voiced by the comedy group, The Naked Samoans.  Vale, Valea, Jeff da Maori, Sione and Mack navigate their way through different adventures growing up in the suburb of Morningside.  They attend the local college, St Sylvester’s with a mix of interesting characters.  The series is full of popular culture references and guest appearances by famous New Zealanders.

Bro town was created using over 100 staff and the series was done in the traditional ink and paint animation.  Some of the comedy may escape non-New Zealanders, with reference to New Zealand culture, but I’m sure there will be scenes that entertain everyone.  It became hugely a popular weekly watch when it first aired on TV.

bro town

The Characters

The boys

Vale and Valea Pepelo  are Samoan brothers with Vale being portrayed as the more mature and intelligent one.  Valea is more interested in ‘pashing’ hot chicks and always seen doing his ‘peyow peyow’ gestures when one walks past.

Sione Tapili is Valea’s best mate and fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man.  He is always day dreaming and looking for ways to impress the girl of his dreams sixth former Mila Jizovich.

Jeff da Maori lives with his mum and eight dads in an old car outside the house.  He is always portrayed with a runny nose and know for his catch phrase ‘Not Even OW!’ (meaning ‘that ain’t right’).  He is also known for calling many people his cousin.

Rodney McCorkenstein-Taifule aka Mack is the larger one in the group and is clearly homosexual, but he seems to talk his way out of telling situations.  He is considered the tough one of the group, claiming to have been raised on the streets.  Really he lives in a mansion with a wealthy mum and dad.

Other characters of Morningside


Pepelo Pepelo is Vale and Valea’s dad who is a benefit bludging, lover of beer, porn and gambling and occasional forklift driver.  His catchphrase is “I’m going to the pub…I may be some time”.

Wong is a chinese exchange student from Hong Kong.  He has plenty of money that he shares with the boys when they become friends.

Constable “Bobby” Bababiba is a cynical and unsympathetic policeman and is involved in many of the boys mishaps as he tries to restore order to Morningside.

Rakeesh Maadkraklikka is the disgruntled Indian-fijian dairy store owner.

Satisha Maadkraklikka is Rakeesh’s wife and has a much more sympathetic side for the boys to her husband.

Reverend Minister is a stereotypical minister of a Samoan church often leading his flock on mindless angry mob sprees.  He seems to be involved in several affairs with church members.


Agnes Tapili is Sione’s mother and Pepelos’ neighbour.  She is shown as an overbearing mother who can be phisically aggressive and doesn’t think twice about humiliating her children.

Sina Tapili is Sione’s older sister and isn’t very fond of the boys.

Samson is Agnes’ youngest son who looks remarkably like the church minister.

Brother Ken is the caring, responsible principal of St. Sylvester’s

Rex Ruka is your typical jock or alpha male.  He is South African and constantly seen mocking the boys.


Abo (Abercrombie Smith the Third) is an Aboriginal Austrailian who studies at St. Sylveser’s.  He is know for his very long traditional song and dance.

Ms. Lynn Grey is a parody of a well-meaning liberal Anglo-Saxon.  She manages the boys class.

God.  Every episode starts with God telling Jesus a story as if it were a fairytale.  He is portrayed as a Pacific Islander.  He is often seen talking to other notable characters such as Bob Marley or Ghandi.  Jesus is portrayed as a wimpish teenager who often needs to be taught a gentle lesson by his dad.

Guest stars

Bro town constantly features special guests.  These are notable celebrities from politics, art, culture, music, the media, business and sport.

Some notable appearances are John Campbell and Carol Hirschfeld who were news readers for many years.  Former All Blacks player Michael Jones plays the P.E. teacher.  Former Prime Minister Helen Clark.  Rapper scribe.  Russel Crow, Rove McManus, Robyn Malcom, Lucy Lawless, flight of the Conchords and H.R.H Charles, Price of Whales.

Below is the very first episode of the show, but there are plenty more episodes uploaded to Youtube if you want to see more.  In fact there are five seasons of it.  Enjoy!

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