Bulgarian folklore and dance is spreading happiness around the world

Folk dance flash mobs

Jovial, fast and passionate, the Bulgarian folk dances will undoubtedly make your spirits rise. This is especially true when you encounter a merry group of men and women dancing to the fast and slow beats of Bulgarian traditional music in a seemingly random flash mob . You are more and more likely to experience this scenario anywhere in the world due to a campaign aiming at raising awareness of Bulgarian culture and identity.

Here is some incredible dancing in the streets of Varna, Bulgaria:

The good mood is guaranteed and this is just a small taste of the huge variety of folk dance styles with Bulgarian folklore being one of the richest on the planet. While folk dances on the Balkans share a lot of similarities, there are a number of local variations. Bulgarian dances are most often performed to the accompaniment of a bagpipe. The rhythms are complex and the music is just mesmerizing. The dance steps can range from simple patterns, similar to walking, to highly complex choreographies. Being a good folk dancer, however, does not require mastering the steps but dancing with passion. The power of Bulgarian folk dances and music is in making people come together and spreading happiness. This is probably why this rich tradition has been kept for centuries and is still characteristic for Bulgarian lifestyle.

The undying tradition of dancing together on rhythmic beats is still thriving today with a huge number of people attending folk dance classes and practicing together on occasions such as weddings but also at any unformal gathering at a restaurant. Dancing joyfully and holding hands, one feels the transmitting of positive energy not only amongst dancers, but the public as well.

The outer space voice of Bulgaria

An indisputable evidence of the vigor of Bulgarian folk music is the song Izlel e Delyo Haidutin which was sent to space in 1977 with US Voyager. The Bulgarian song is headed, together with works of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Luis Armstrong, on a 6,000-year-long journey. The talented Valya Balkanska who performed the song became a UNESCO-honoured “citizen of the world” and Bulgarias most famous voice representing the traditional Rhodope Mountain singing.

The magical Bulgarian voice in outer space:

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