Cambodia: FAQs

1. Do Cambodians speak English?

A lot of people in Phnom Penh do, because there are many schools that teach English. If you go to a mall, you won’t feel lost. However, in more rural areas, there are less English speakers.

At tourist destinations, there are always people who can communicate in English. And not just that, there are smart children who learn many different languages, not in school, but by interacting with the tourists. Here’s a video of a girl counting from 1-10 in 10 languages.

2. How’s winter in Cambodia?

Cambodia doesn’t have winter. There are two seasons: dry and rainy, although the coldest months are December and January, but that’s between 18-27 centigrade depending on the time of the day.

3. What do you eat everyday?

We eat rice, in almost every meal, plus food such as stir fried vegetable with meat, or vegetable and meat soup. The food has many different varieties. Here are 2 examples:

Roasted chicken, and water spinach with beef, to be eaten with rice

Roasted chicken, and water spinach, to be eaten with rice

4. Where is Cambodia?

It is in Southeast Asia, bordered by Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and the gulf of Thailand. It is about two hours by plane from Singapore and three hours by plane from the south of China.

5. Do you eat insects?

Some people do. There are roasted/fried insects sold on the streets along the riverside. Those insects include: crickets (many of my friends have tried them), silkworms, etc.

Different types of edible insects

Different types of edible insects

6. What is your drinking age?

I’m a student and frequently this question pops up to me. There is no legal drinking age in Cambodia, and a 12-year-old won’t be caught buying alcohol; I’ve done that – not for myself, of course. However, a child is defined as someone under 18 years old, so if you’re feeding alcohol to an underage, you can get caught. As a matter of fact, the Health Ministry drafted a proposal for the legal drinking age to be 21, which has been approved recently.

7. Do Cambodia and Thailand use the same language?

No, we don’t. However, our languages are very similar; the consonants are similar, the vowels are similar, yet we can’t understand each other. The major difference is that Thai has several tones, while Khmer only has 2, and Cambodians sound rather monotonous when we speak.

នេះជាភាសាខ្មែរ (This is Khmer language)

นี้เป็นภาษาไทย (This is Thai language)


Special thanks to Sowinta Kay, Hangkun Ung and Hokchhay Tann for contributing the questions 🙂

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