Gordon Ramsay explores Cambodia’s exotic food culture

A well-known British chef, Gordon Ramsay, travelled to Southeast Asia a few years ago for his greatest escape, and to explore Asian food. I thought I would use his adventure in Cambodia to introduce you to our so-called “exotic” food.

The video below, although rather long, shows his adventure to experiencing a few Cambodian cuisines. But if you don’t have time to watch everything now, continue reading.

Disclaimer: What you’ll see aren’t what people eat on a daily basis, and they’re not what everyone eats.

@4:00 The first dish that Gordon tries is “Fish Amok”. It’s fish dipped inside curry, and steamed in banana leaves – preciously delicious! Sometimes, we also steam it in coconut shells.

P.C. - Karolina Lubryczynska

Fish Amok (P.C. – Karolina Lubryczynska)

@8:06 The second one is “Baby duck eggs”. These aren’t like the eggs seen in the markets. They are more mature, so when you break them, you see the body of a baby duck inside. And you eat it. The video points out that baby duck eggs improve your sex life, although I’ve never heard of that before (perhaps for a reason).

P.C. - Jenifer Toby

Baby duck eggs (P.C. – Jenifer Toby)

@14:25 Next in the list is “Spiders”! The villagers dig the ground to find poisonous spiders crawling out from it. They, then, remove the poisonous part and deep-fry the spiders. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have never eaten a spider before, but older adults eat them and also put them in wine in the process of fermentation.

@19:25 The fourth, and also my childhood favorite, is “stuffed frogs”. There are fat, minced pork, and other ingredients stuffed inside a frog’s tummy, after its skin is peeled off and its insides are removed. Then, it’s roasted or grilled. If you absolutely have no idea how it’s cooked, you’ll love it; otherwise, I think you’ll still love it.

Roasted frog (P.C. – Sareth Ken)

@22:13 And now to everyone’s favorite, “Curry”. The one shown in the video is “Pork and pumpkin curry”, but there are different varieties too, i.e. there are types of curry. In general, curry is one of the most difficult cuisines. It’s important to note that it tastes different in different countries. For instance, Indian and Thai curry do not taste the same as Cambodian curry.

@29:27 Last, but not least, is a wedding celebration in an indigenous tribe in Mondulkiri, which is at the border with Vietnam. As a tradition, they kill a buffalo and ferment its blood for two years before using it to cook. They were making many dishes, many of which I’ve never tried before; they are unique dishes that are specific to the tribe.

What do you think?

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