Cirkus Cirkör takes the Circus as you know it to a whole new level

Circus, a word so specific most people instantly visualize red and yellow tents, creepy clowns and some animals making the same tricks over and over again. Some may also claim it being a part of the past. Nothing that would stimulate the high expectations of today’s audience.

Cirkus Cirkör argues the contrary through their performances taking the same word to a totally different level. This year celebrating 20 years as boundary crosser’s, they together with Malmö Theater put up the show Boundaries. As the headline indicates they are telling the story of crossing boundaries in both visual and intellectual meaning. A topic that is relevant as ever when the world continues to globalize.

– When I was a kid going on the boat between Limhamn and Dragör I used to imagine trying to feel where the border of Sweden and Denmark was. Not being able to understand how a border could be in something as in motion and alive as water, says circusdirecteur Tilde Björfors.

Cation from the show Boarders. Photo: Frans Hällqvist

Cation from the show Boarders.
Photo: Frans Hällqvist

Through the power of passion and creativity they manage to infuse fear, trust, love and amazement to the people in the room. Touching the thin line between genius and insanity makes the observers not knowing if to cry or laugh and that seems being the true essence of their act.

Scene from the performance 'Boarders'.

Caption from the show boarders.
Photo: Frans Hällqvist

Everyone with the opportunity to attend the show will be enjoying an outstanding theater number with humor, acrobatics, mesmerizing music, juggling with knives and much more. Although nothing like how we usually interpret the word circus – it is much more than that.

Want to know more? Visit their webpage.

Notice: It is not a circus with live animals or any animal related performances.

To get a feeling what it’s all about watch this video of one the other productions that is being performed by Cirkus Cirkör called – Underart.

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