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Cricket is at the heart of not only Saint Lucia, but also the Eastern Caribbean, Jamaica and Guyana. Cricket is a vestige of our English heritage.

West Indies cricket

In the Caribbean, our cricket team is called the West Indies team. Some persons sometimes mistakenly think that West Indies is a country. However, West Indies is the name of the area where the Caribbean is situated.

cricket team

Christopher Columbus, in all his wisdom, thought that by travelling West he would encounter the East Indies. When he landed in what he thought was in (East)Indies especially seeing that the native population had complexion and hair similar to people of the (East)Indies. Later on the area became known as the West Indies when it was realised that Columbus had not indeed landed in the East Indies.

The love that West Indians have for cricket can be seen on the streets as children passionately engage in a match, using an old crate as the wicket; to men sitting in a rumshop glued to the television set or radio, raising their voices simultaneously in an uproar releasing the tension of watching their team perform.

Cricket in the road

Saint Lucians are especially proud that two of their own have made it to the Weat Indies team; Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles.Darren Sammy was the first Saint Lucian to have been selected to the team.

darren sammy

darren sammy 2

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