Entertaining at the Beach, Saint Lucia Style

The sea or beach is central to island life. It serves many purposes; it is a source of food to us islanders who enjoy its bounty daily and is also a source of entertainment.

Visiting Saint Lucia you can create your own entertainment on our many beaches with simply a barbecue grill, some seafood, a couple of drinks in the cooler and music blaring from car speakers. This is what we call a beach”lime”

Alternatively, you can choose to partake in the organised beach events which happen across the island.

As of late some new beach parties have been added to Saint Lucia’s entertainment calendar.

During the carnival season Brazen was added to the calendar of activities. It was organised by one of the hippest entertainment groups on island, Exotic Events. Partygoers were entertained by Exotic Events favourite dj, DJ Private Ryan from early afternoon into the night.

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On the heels of carnival, Live In Colour was the biggest beach event happening on island. This event is in its second year and I foresee many more years to come. It is cooler beach event, where patrons bring a cooler of drinks which they intend to consume for the evening as drinks are not sold. Patrons are entertained by top class djs and partake in pelting multi-coloured powder at each other. The event commences at 12 am to 8:00 am. At the end partygoers plunge into the cool morning water of the Caribbean Sea to wash off the paint while socialising with friends.
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One of the newest and biggest beach events to be placed on Saint Lucia’s entertainment calendar is Mercury Beach. This is literally a French invasion. Thousands of French citizens from Martinique and Guadeloupe descend on Saint Lucia at least a week before. This year the event took place on 15 August and commences at 10 am to 10 pm. Mercury Beach is in its second year and based on reviews I see its longevity.

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