Exploring Georgetown’s Night Life

What does socializing mean to you? What determines where you “chill out” or hang out? Is dress code important to you? Or it does not matter – as long as you are a part of the night life.



When visiting Georgetown, the capital city, there are many night spots, bars or rum shops, as they are commonly known; there are ‘streets hang out’, that you can choose from to have that night to remember.

The night clubs are where you get to dress  up, dance  and even pay more for your drinks.

Gravity Lounge

Chic style. Rooftop experience the atmosphere is relaxing and breezy. Awesome place to chill. Drinks is nice and the service is good.




The Original Palm Court

One of the top night spots in Georgetown, central location; typical sports bar. Friday nights are great; music, drinks, food, excellent security and the music is fabulous. Lots of foreign liquor, and there are also local selection if preferred.


Sidewalk Cafe and Jazz Club

For the jazz lovers an open air atmosphere and music.




A very popular night club located on Sherrif street; has been around for a long time and very popular among locals.



Seeta Bar

Seeta’s is popular. Its clientele comes from a range of ages and social status. It’s a street hang. The music is not bad. Somewhere to chill after a hard day at work.




There are a lot more places to hang out or go clubbing if you wish – 704 Bar, Club Monaco, White Castle Fish Shop… Plenty of good vibes that gives you the real party feeling.

I am not a regular drinker but whenever I go out I don’t miss out on a few cold ones.

What do you think?

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