Festival “Mariovo Off-Road Experience”

For several years in a row, the last weekend in May, many people had beautiful million reasons and no excuses to go and enjoy the beauty of a widely famous Macedonian region on the warm south of our country. Warm when you say – “I visited Mariovo” (map location)

Locals hosting their guests.. by Jasmina Petrova‎

There are many myths for this region, like the “Lost treasure”, “Itar Pejo”  and the one I find most illustrious is the legend of the beautiful Maria.

“..A Turkish Bey wanted to take Maria into his harem, but she did not want to obey. After lengthy haggling she decided to accept the proposal but only under one condition – to end the terror in  the whole region.”

 The agreement was fulfilled. The surrounding villages were set free and saved and, as appreciation the people named the region Mariovo.  

Gradeshnitsa Mariovo view in the past  via

Over the years Mariovo, as an ethno-geographic entity with special creations, folklore, cultural and natural resources, is one of the most popular regions in Macedonia. The population is mainly engaged in farming, agriculture, forestry and mining. Many large and small villages spread out along the Black River representing a kind of centre of Macedonianism with all its delicate traditions, customs, traditions and beauties.

Zovik (Зовиќ) – village in Mariovo via

Unfortunately, in the last quarter of the last century, Mariovo undergo a massive migration of the population for which drastically reduced the number of inhabitants which wasn’t previously the case.


Today, as from always, it fascinates with its purity and beauty. The last weekend in May, the little village Monastery hosted a great tradition that invigorates this beautiful region- the Festival “Mariovo Off-Road Experience” for the fourth year in a row ‘turns the pedals’ through various villages to introduce and familiarize everyone with their origins.

Mote my friend 🙂

By Nikola Spasenoski

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