Four Things Koreans Think They know About The Netherlands

When you get to ask random Korean people “what do you know about the Netherlands?”, they will probably answer these four.


1. Guus Hiddink

Yes. He is a real hero in South Korea. He was a former manager of Korean national football team in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. He led Korean team to take the 4th place which looked like a miracle.

BUT Unfortunately, Koreans do not know about his tax evasion scandals afterwards.


2. Dutch Pay

You know what ‘Dutch Pay’ is? Koreans know what exactly it is, even though Dutch people might not. It means ‘splitting the bill’ or ‘go Dutch’. The word obviously originated from the expression ‘go dutch’ and now it is so widespread that if a Korean hears the mere word ‘Dutch’, she will automatically think of ‘Dutch pay’

BUT Koreans don’t know that the word is coined in Korea, and when Koreans find that Dutch people do not go Dutch, they are all surprised.


3. Dutch Coffee

Most of you probably have not heard of Dutch coffee unless you are from Korea or Japan, and it is totally fine. Dutch coffee is actually Japanese style slow drip cold brew coffee using an iced coffee tower, and there is an urban legend in Japan that Dutch sailors used to enjoy this kind of coffee a few hundreds years ago.

BUT Koreans don’t know that Dutch people don’t drink Dutch coffee and they even don’t know what it is. Anyway, Dutch coffee has become very big in Korea and people think it healthy.


4. The Hague

Korean people know the city Hague(Dutch: Den Haag) because ‘Hague Secret Emissary Affair’ appears on every Korean history book. ‘Hague Secret Emissary Affair’ occurred in 1907.  Emperor Gojong of Korea sent three secret emissaries to the Second Hague Peace Convention to declare the invalidity of Japanese diplomatic maneuvers.

BUT because of this, some people get confused that the Hague is actually the capital city of the Netherlands. Well, the real capital is Amsterdam, of course.

What do you think?

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I live in Seoul and I was raised in Gimhae. I did an exchange in the Utrecht, Netherlands and worked in Sintra, Portugal. I'm interested things such as films, languages, art, feminism, development, travel, human rights, animals, history, international relations, etc.

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