Funny Romanian expressions

In the real life, Romanian people do not realize how funny and how “non-translatable” some idioms are. Usually, when someone wants to say a traditional quote, he/she needs to find a replacement that would make sense in English.

funny idiom


Here are some conclusive examples:

  • A Romanian is not “surprised”…his “face has fallen off” (I-a picat fața).
  • He will not “lie to you” … he’ll “sell you doughnuts” (Vinde gogoși).
  • A Romanian doesn’t “suddenly get it” … his “coin drops” (Îi pică fisa).
  • You don’t “drive a Romanian nuts” … you “take him out of his watermelons” (Îl scoți din pepeni).
  • In Romania, things are not “far away” … they’re “at the devil’s mother” (La mama naibii).
  • A Romanian won’t tell you to stop “wasting time” … he’ll tell you to stop “rubbing the mint” (Freca menta).
  • A Romanian is not “nervous” … he “has a carrot (in his ass)” (Are un morcov în fund).

You can find more if you click here ,thanks to Paula Veselovschi.

Feel free to share the funny translations to English from your language, I am sure it will be as fun as reading this about Romanian language.

Be sociable, share!

  1. I love this kind of articles! I’ll probably write one about Spanish expressions sooner than later. By the way, “to take the bull by the horns”… what does it mean? Because it exists in Spanish too!

  2. Hei Juan,

    thank you a lot for the feedback. it is indeed very funny if you just think about these kind of situations. In Romanian “to take the bull by the horns” means to have initiative and to do the first step in achieving something.

    Can’t wait to read similar expressions from Spanish, language that I totally love.

    • Hi Mihaela,

      Then it means the same as in Spanish! Although I just checked and it exists in English too (didn’t know that, to be honest).

      I have an article almost ready for this weekend, but the next one may be about Spanish expressions. Do you speak Spanish by the way? I’ve met a few Romanians and they had no problem learning it, I especifically recall a couple who, after just six weeks in Sevilla and with no previous kowledge apart from watching a few soap operas, spoke proficient Spanish. Simply amazing.

  3. Italian language has that “to take the bull by the horns” with the same meaning too :D, but not the others. Interesting for me the “drops the coin” one, would like to know the story behind it, as not sure if I exactly get it, but I think is the one that for us would be literally to “eat the leaf”.
    Waiting the Spanish version too mate, as a Spanish speaker too and with lot of Spanish friends, I’m sure it will bring good laughs! 😀
    Greetings to all of you

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