Ginger Beer gives you the punch in the jaw line under the tongue

Half Spicy and peppery, half lemony, a little sweet but penetrating; it is the flavour of ginger. This flavouring root is used for cooking in  many of countries across the world. In Guyana, it is no different. It is use in some dishes, but at Christmas time this highly aromatic root becomes very popular. In fact, it is traditionally a holiday staple in Guyana with one of its most favorite uses being ginger beer. As the name evokes, this beverage is flavoured with ginger.

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Ginger beer’s popularity in Guyana is often compared to the popularity of Egg Nog in North American.

I personally was never fond of ginger beer –  after all it is no fun drinking something  peppery and spicy when you are young, but over time I have come to love this drink.

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There is nothing better than an ice cold ginger beer on a hot sweaty day

Ginger Beer Recipe

GINGER BEER is made with the following ingredients:
cups of water
cups of dark brown sugar
cinnamon sticks
orange peel
Uncooked rice to help with fermentation


Spicy or peppery ginger beer is for you to try!

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