Thanks go to...

All of human endeavour is one great big joint enterprise, where every individual effort builds upon a vast edifice of things that have gone before. The marvellous Cult website was designed and built by Duncan (Cult UK correspondent and communications guru). But the job would not have been possible without the following wonderful Free and Open Source projects and Creative Commons media:

Free and Open Source projects

Wordpress - the ultimate blogging and content management system
Bootstrap - responsive design framework
phpList - mailing list system
flag-icon-css - country flag icon font
Font Awesome - icon fonts
Weather icons - weather icon font
Wikipedia - up-to-date information on countries
Geonames - country data
World Weather Online - weather API - IP to location database many more programming languages, web technologies, information sources and pencils that made the above projects possible!

Creative Commons images

Afghanistan - Ricardo Mangual
Albania - Rob Hogeslag
Angola -
Angola - Hanne (Cult Antarctica correspondent)
Argentina - Javier Andrés Perez
Barbados - Berit Watkin
Belarus - nigel321
Belize - Tambako the Jaguar
Brazil - Higor de Padua Vieira Neto
Bulgaria - Serge Segal
Cambodia - Sareth Ken
Cameroon - Armand (Cult Cameroon correspondent)
Canada - Diane Cordell
China -
Cuba - Jorge Coromina (Cult Cuba correspondent)
Ecuador - EL FREDDY
Ethiopia - Trevor Cole
Finland - Guillaume Baviere
Germany - Vera Schmidt
Guyana - Peter
Honduras - Ariel Sosa
Indonesia - Asana (Cult Indonesia correspondent)
Ireland - Harry (Cult Ireland correspondent)
Iran - mehradhm
Jamaica - Cai (Cult Jamaica correspondent)
Japan - Ankh32
Kazakhstan - jkiesecker
Lebanon - rabiem22
Macedonia - Martin Dimitrievski
Mauritius - MarianOne
Morocco - Irina Souiki
Netherlands - Vincent van der Pas
Nepal - Santosh (Cult Nepal correspondent)
New Zealand - Tom Hall
Nigeria - Dolapo Falola
Portugal - Carlota Caldeira
Romania - Eduard Gutescu
San Marino - iko
Serbia - Rick
Sierra Leone - bobthemagicdragon
South Africa - Shakeela (Cult South Africa correspondent)
South Korea - H. B. Kang
Spain - Antonio Calero
Sweden - Marie (Cult Sweden correspondent)
Trinidad & Tobago - Antonio Calero
Uganda - Michell Zappa
Ukraine - Tetyana (Cult Ukraine correspondent)
United Kingdom - Pikakoko
Uruguay - Pancho Pastori
USA - il.irenelee
Yemen - Hisham (Cult Yemen correspondent)
Zimbabwe - Rob Whittaker