Gros Islet Street Party

Imagine, streets jam-packed with hundreds of people, music blaring from speakers, people standing in the streets, standing in the balconies of restaurants, standing in the doorways of other restaurants, jamming to the sounds coming out of these speakers, vendors selling barbecue meats, others selling drinks, both hard and soft, people sitting at tables enjoying freshly prepared meals.

Has the image formed in your head as yet? If it has you have just experienced for the first time, the Gros Islet Street Party.


Every Friday night in the fishing village of Gros Islet (pronounced Grow-zee-lay), the streets are blocked off from traffic to create a large street party. Vendors set up their barbecue grills with all sorts of seafood such as conch, red snapper, octopus, as well as meats such as chicken and pork. Those who do not barbecue sell soft drinks, alcohol and water to quench the inevitable thirst of the street party attendees who are bound to be moving to the contagious beats blaring out of the huge speakers.

Gros Islet Street Party

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This huge tourist as well as local attraction has been in existence for more than twenty years and starts from around 8 pm but doesn’t start picking up not until 9 pm or 10 pm. Partying usually finishes early morning.

Come join us for a night of fun!!


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