Hiking in Asturias

Usually when people think about Spain, they understandably imagine sun, beaches, siestas, fiestas and so on. Even though my true mission here is to showcase Spanish culture in general, I do have my own little personal quest, which I started a few months ago: to show the world that Spain is also green. Very green.

Seven weeks ago I went on a family trip to Asturias, a part of Spain I hadn’t been to in about thirteen years. I knew we’d see the mountains, go on a few hikes and whatnot, but I was not expecting such beautiful landscapes. In this map I show you the area we covered more or less.

I think it's fairly easy to deduce I'm a photoshop master

I think it’s fairly easy to deduce I’m a photoshop master

If you’re in Spain and you want to go hiking don’t hesitate to go to Asturias – it is a beautiful area. The best hike was probably the Ruta del Cares, which starts in Asturias and ends in the province of León. Most of it is a narrow path on the wall of a mountain and the view is absolutely breathtaking. Pictures, as always, don’t really do it justice. However, they’re better than nothing, so here is a little gallery with some of the photos that were taken during this trip (not only in the Ruta del Cares).

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