Holi Festival of Nepal

Holi is celebrated with colors, water, sweets and music. People put color on each other as a token of love. People go houses of relatives and friends in group. Put colors on each other, eat sweets and move whole day. People dance and play music. People in Terai celebrate Holi the next day from Kathmandu Valley and other hilly reason of Nepal. Holi is also played in India.

This year Holi is played in March 5 and 6 in Nepal. At the time of Holi there are different musical program in the cities organized by Media House , Television , Mobile companies , group of organization etc.

Nepali people celebrates Holi as a festival of Color, Friendship and Love. It brings Happiness among friends and family by playing color (powder) and water.

Actually, there was a tradition of bringing Holi from places to places, so different places could have different dates for Holi celebration in order in olden days.

holi-festivalPeople used to make Pichkari (water guns) out of bamboo. And throw colored water on each other. Now-a-days balloons and plastic water guns (pichkari) are used. The balloon filled with water is called Lola in Nepali.

Holi is official holiday in Nepal. Offices are closed on Fagu Purnima days in hilly reason to celebrate Holi and the very next day, Terai is off for the celebration.

Holi & Swine Flu :

Holi is played in Nepal and India. Also this year (2015) there is problem of Swine Flu Virus infection in these countries so the number of people playing holi will be decreased this year. More than 15K people in India and 70 People in Nepal are infected in Nepal. I wish all the people to play holi only with known people this time to prevent from Swine Flu infection.

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