‘I am a Citizen of Earth: a poem of global wisdom

Happy New Year World. And happy first ever New Year Cult!

To mark Cult’s first New Year on Planet Earth, we’d like to  give you – as a dedicated Cult reader – a little present…

….The present is a poem… which was written by the world…..well actually it was written jointly by all the Cult Correspondents on earth. The poem is called ‘I am a Citizen of Earth‘, and it is the first ever Cult Creation!

Each Cult Correspondent wrote one line and together all the lines form an inspirational global collaborative poem.

You can find the full interactive version of the poem on

On the interactive version click the download link (Right-click > Save link as…) and you’ll get an A3 poster that you can get printed out and put on your wall to remind you of this unique family of Earthlings you are part of.  In times of doubt, may it spur you on as a pioneer of global unity!
May it serve as inspiration to the power of our unified creative minds!
May it serve as poetic power!
And may it simply put a big smile on your face!

The first of many Cult Creations…

Cult Creations is the name under which Cult will be publishing its ever expanding range of truly global collaborative artistic and innovative creations. And the poem ‘I am a citizen of Earth’ is just a very small taste of what the Cult global network will be creating together. The result will be collaborative multimedia projects the likes of which the world has never seen…

Send us your inspirational quote

Of course this is just the start. We know there are way more quotes out there. Local, regional and global ones. And we would love to hear about your favourite quote from your country.

Send them to us via our contact form or just post them below in the comments with a mention of your country and quote source.

May the quote force be with you!

CULT_Citizen_of_Earth (Custom)

What do you think?

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