Jade Doreen Waller: Artist on the rise

South African born Jade Doreen Waller has just delivered her second exhibition, Overload, Following the success of her first show, Between Ourselves.

Jades paintings are ever-captivating and often require more than one glance. It displays a vast array of images ranging from body parts to food or cartoon icons with hints of nostalgia experienced when examining the collage.

My mind feels full and scattered but there seems to be an organised chaos about it.

Jade always knew that she wanted to be an artist yet hesitated to pursue Fine Art as a Major. In her words “Before studying all I did was make art and it became the only thing I wanted to do. Studying Fine Art for me wasn’t about the qualification so much as about honing into what I was able to communicate and how.”

What inspires you to create?

“I am continuing to grow into a person who uses visual means to communicate ideas. There is no other language for me to express these ideas other than through my work. Being inspired to create for me is a strange process. It doesn’t begin with inspiration but rather about having questions. I look around at my surrounding world and pay attention to almost every detail of it, all day, every day. It seems I absorb it all, and have no idea what to do with it all. My mind feels full and scattered but there seems to be an organised chaos about it.”

I would then see something, any random thing, and it would feel like the last ‘thing’ I can fit in my head. I think at these points I feel inspired. To empty what has been stored. I end up creating paintings that describe clusters of random items, an accumulation of ‘flash backs’ in a way. These ‘clusters’ are made up of items that would never belong together but end up seeming like they should… and do.

Describe the best moment that stemmed from your art.

“The best moment that stemmed from my art was stumbling across the idea that I could splash out whatever I wanted or needed to and it would fit somewhere in the world, and that it could be understood in the strangest ways.”

Where has your work been exhibited / sold?

“I started exhibiting in Cape Town and did so for about 4 years. Last year I had my first solo exhibition in London which lead to many great opportunities. My work is now exhibited and sold in Cape Town, around the UK, Amsterdam and soon in Hong Kong and Dubai! I have participated and sold work at Art Basil in Miami and this year my work will be shown at The Monaco Art Fair in London, a high international art fair.”

Wishes for the future regarding your work?

“I had many wishes about the future of my work, and these hopes are being realized already. So I guess my wish now is to continue to spread it further around the globe, to travel with it and create work along the way. My biggest wish is that I continue to evolve and expand the ideas that I have.”

See below for some of Jade’s finest work

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