Ladies & gents, alternative rock is back as Asgje Sikur Dielli reunited

You know that feeling when a band that really shouldn’t break up goes ahead and just parts ways? Yes, exactly like Oasis, the Beatles, Talking Heads…Destiny’s Child. Usually it’s because a member decides to go solo, and sometimes it works great for them. But most of the time, all you want is a reunion and the good old days to come back. In 2007, the Police announced: Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Police and we are back! and the world cheered in response.

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Well, it is 2015, the year when Asgje Sikur Dielli reunited! ASD is a Kosovo – Albanian band created in 1996 and based in Prishtina, Kosovo’s capital. Its members are Alban Nimani (vocals), Bujar Honduzi (guitar), Fatos Berisha (drums), Faton Dolaku (keyboard) and Labinot Krasniqi (bass). Asgje Sikur Dielli, in the Kosovo dialect means “nothing like the sun”, but in  it could also be read as “nothing if the sun…”. The ambiguity and poetry of their name matches their lyrics and style, packed with metaphors, reflections on society, and sun-fuelled energy.  They play alternative rock and are definitely one of Albania and Kosovo’s most beloved bands. They have released only two albums to date, “1” and “Ndodhemi”. However they have marked the Albanian music scene, most particularly with “Mendoja cdo gje merr fund pa ty” (I thought everything would end without you), a song of beautiful poetry and a fresh breath into mainstream Albanian music.

It was in 2010 that lead singer Alban Nimani decided to pursue a solo career and the band dismembered. However, the break was fortunately short lived. Earlier this year, ASD announced that they were back together. Alban said “I am home”, and the rest of us couldn’t agree more. They are preparing their third album which is coming out later this month. They decided to give their fans a glimpse of their new evolved self through the track “Une te dua ty” (I want you). The sound, is as always, smooth to the ears and the heart, but this time with a new tinge of an XX/MGMT cocktail. Listen for yourself and let me know if you’re joining the hype!

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