Lady Radhika

Presenting you Lady Radhika, also known as Madonna (local nickname): The Queen of Trou-aux-Biches public beach.

I believe if you venture on that well-known beach in Mauritius, you will surely see her from far: a pineapple on her head as a way to attract your attention, her fancy sunglasses and her tropical jewellery ready to enchant you.

She will be dressed in the Hindu traditional costume with pride and also sharing with you the Mauritian culture and style.

Lady Radhika with her necklaces Photo credit: Bhupinder Kumar

Lady Radhika with her necklaces
Photo credit:
Bhupinder Kumar

Indeed let yourself be enchanted with her uniqueness, humor and age!!!

At the time this video was shot, she was 80 years old. And she is still hanging around Trou-aux-Biches, selling her numerous exotic articles.

The interesting part of Lady Rahdika, is that she normally represents the senior citizen of Mauritius. But it seems that she’s defying that concept and still hit the high note at her age. In that video, she explains that she sells beach sarongs, necklaces and sunglasses. At the same time she is marketing her daughter’s stall; where you can find mostly fruits of the island. You will hear her say some English words ( street language learning) and talk in Mauritian Creole.

As Mauritians, we admire her courage and determination about life. She is at some point an inspiration and definitely The Queen on that beach.

She added that she is a beach seller to get money and help her family continue to live decently. She also carries with her part of our island’s history and lifestyle.

A little tip from her: Victoria pineapple is a real delight dipped in sea water!!! The sweet and salty exotic effect.

Pineapple on the beach Photo credit:  Julien Venner

Pineapple on the beach
Photo credit:
Julien Venner


Another snapshot of The Queen of Trou-aux-Biches welcoming you: LADY RADHIKA.

Photo credit: Joey Nicles

Photo credit:
Joey Nicles


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