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Today I am bringing you to a particular place in Mauritius. Even though it is promoted in tourist books or references, I believe loads of people visiting Mauritius will not tap into that opportunity. Even us Mauritians – we know it exists but loads of us have never visited the place.

Why this particular place? Just because it carries centuries of history and one of the two functional lighthouses in Mauritius.

The Albion Lighthouse or more precisely The Lighthouse of Pointe aux Caves is found on the cliffs of Pointe aux Caves, Albion (the place I live), west coast of Mauritius. It is situated some 10 kilometers from the island’s capital, Port-Louis; which is also the harbor of Mauritius.


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This place has a long history dated when the British colony established in Mauritius. According to history, there were numerous shipwrecks because of the rough seas and waves. And during the period of slavery, the caves were also known to be a hiding place for the slaves.

Albion light house

Strong waves and seas- Albion Photo credit:

So to prevent those shipwrecks the British Governor, Sir C. Boyle, decided to construct the lighthouse and it was inaugurated in October 1910. Since then the lighthouse has been considered as the guardian of ships and boats arriving in Port-Louis.


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Visiting the lighthouse is a historical adventure as much as an exciting sightseeing  moment.

The lighthouse keeper, Mr. Moheeput – more likely to be called Monsieur Paul – is a passionate guardian of the building. He has been guarding this lighthouse for 33 years now. If you wish to visit, you can ask for an authorization letter from the Mauritius Ports Authority and Monsieur Paul will make you visit the lighthouse with open heart.

If you wish to have a photographic tour of the lighthouse, here is a link, describing in details each level of the lighthouse.

A Guided Visit to The Lighthouse of Pointe aux Caves- Albion

But of course a live visit would definitely be worth planning when you visit Mauritius.

Take the road towards Albion Lighthouse; the lighthouse that lights up the cave.


The road to the lighthouse Photo credit:



Entrance of lighthouse Photo credit:


Actually it would be great to visit in the afternoon as you could enjoy a beautiful sunset:

Sunset at Albion Lighthouse Photo credit:

Sunset at Albion Lighthouse
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What do you think?

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