Lisa Punch – Guyana’s Whitney Houston

Born on September 4th 1992, in the county Berbice, Lisa Punch is the eldest of five (5) siblings. She spent her first few years in her birth region before moving to Georgetown, the capital city.

Lisa started performing at age 11. At her school she was the lead singer at just 12 years old; she participated in dance and poetry; Lisa excelled incredibly.

After high school the then teenager began focusing more on her music career. Lisa begin promoting herself throughout Guyana. Two songs that she had recorded namely, “Secret Admirer” and “My inspiration” became a hit on the local airwaves. Following this, she was asked to perform on a number shows; and luckily landed a job as a television host.

In acting she won best Actress for the play called ” The Concert” and Best Supporting Actress for the play “Shadows” at the Drama Festival in Guyana.



In June 2014, Lisa Punch migrated to the USA along with her family. Later, she became a contestant on ABC’s “Rising Star” making it to the top 40. Lisa continues to sing.

screenshot-rising-star-800x402 (2)

Lisa, as she performs for ABC’s ” Rising Star” Credit:

I witnessed her performance for the first time at the Inauguration of Guyana’s 8th Executive President,  as she sang the National Anthem. It was fantastic!

Lisa Performs

Lisa as she sang the National Anthem. Credit:

I am positive that this  beautiful young woman, Lisa Punch, full of energy, will one day rise to the top given her melodious voice and outstanding personality. Best of luck, Lisa – keep it blazing!


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