Lupin III in San Marino

Who doesn’t know Lupin, the brave gentleman-thief? If you missed the cartoons about his adventures in your childhood, it is never too late as his stories have no age restrictions.

The creators must have been fascinated by the history and beauty of the medieval historical centre and decided to base one of the chapters of the new series right in the tiny Republic.
It was announced few months ago and it became a reality just few days ago when in the occasion of the San Marino Comics 2015, the new Episode based in San Marino (and other chapter in other Italian locations) was screened for the first time in the world in San Marino during the festival and then on an Italian National TV channel the same day.

part of the wall fortress and the street in front of San Marino’s Grand Hotel

View from one of the 3 towers on the Mount Titano

It was a great pleasure for Sammarinese to see their beloved little country so well reproduced, so in details that even the names of some shops and famous restaurants were reported without changes, including Sammarinese Army uniforms, Gendarmeria’s cars (police) and historical buildings.

You can find more info and the plot on the wikipedia page here

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