Marrakech: City by day, Party by night…

A few weeks ago, the Oasis Festival set stage in Marrakech and rocked the world of hundreds of locals and internationals, one DJ-set at a time. And obviously, because this is Marrakech, don’t expect tents, camping, coachella outfits or mud everywhere on a rainy day. The festival took place in a fancy hotel, and everyone was dressed to impress.

And that’s not the first time Marrakech is the chosen ground for electro and house music events. Quite the opposite.

Marrakech has built itself a solid reputation of Nightlife hub, competing alongside Ibiza, Miami and many more party destinations as the new place to be. The city is home to the Pacha (yes, that one in Ibiza. And its bigger, and better here.) and what was crowned best nightclub in Africa since 2004, the mythical Theatro. And Theatro knows well how to put on a show:

Here’s a little glance of what partying in Marrakech looks like.

Clubbing is an inherent part of the cultural life of Marrakech, and by extension of most urban centers of Morocco. The culture of house music is such that every week, a new bar, skylounge or club springs out and becomes the next big thing. Marrakech has countless places and hundreds of options for you: skybar? jazz bar? pool party? sushi bar? dancing bar? salsa bar? all at once? All in Marrakech…

So pack up your bags, get your hills, iron your suits, and join us. Marrakech definetely has a plan for you. And don’t forget to ask a Marrakchi to take you for a post-club snack after. They’ll take you to the best grill joint you’ll ever find. And the only one open, at that time of night…




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